1 day to 5 years: The time it takes for most dreams to come true

I just achieved a milestone that will mean little to nothing to anyone else. 

See the above van? That’s parked in my driveway. (Not in the picture, silly, that’s at a rest area on the way back from South Carolina, where I bought the van.)

The goal’s virtually meaningless to anyone else. Yet — to me — it amplifies my vision for our lives, my family’s lives. 

It gives us greater capability in our art business — meaning we’ll earn more money from this big bad beauty. Yet it’s flexible enough to be our family adventure vehicle. 

You know, for jaunts out of town, trips to the Keys, overnights to family on the other (Florida) coast, camping trips to, of all places, Disney World. That’s more for my wife than our son. Hey, you’ve gotta let other people have their dreams too.

I’ve been dreaming of it somewhere in the range of 4 to 5 years.

It’s even had a name for several of those years. Mofave. Mobile office family adventure vehicle. My wife calls it Big Mo. My sometimes funny sister calls it Big Mofo . . . 

The point is: I started dreaming about this van when it was in no way possible for us. Hell, we were facing possible bankruptcy. Several years running!

Yet here it is. Had I not begun the daydream that spot in the driveway would be empty right now. 

Things came together in such eerie ways that to trot them out here for your inspection would seem boastful. So I’m not going that route. Because I’m appreciative of all the unexpected gifts . . . that more than made up for the shocking losses along the way.

I’m humbled by life’s largesse. 

The bigger point is this: Most dreams seem to take between 1 day and 5 years to attain. 

I don’t know why this is. It hit me the other day when I began tallying up the length of time it took for a series of dreams to come true. 

Most have materialized in this timeframe. 

Some dreams explode into reality so quickly you swear you haven’t even finished the thought conjuring it up . . . 

Others come about in painful ways. For example, we own our house outright. No mortgage. That was a dream. But it came about while going through the nightmarish years of the crash. So it’s a smaller, older house that we own without debt. 

(But don’t cry for us, Argentina — the property is far, far better; wooded, large, natural, serene, a slice of sanctuary . . . )

And of course there are as yet unfulfilled dreams.

But . . . coming back to this startling insight . . . that most dreams weasel their way into our reality somewhere between 1 day and 5 years . . . 

You know what I’m ashamed of now that I understand this? How paltry my dreams have been. I’ve beggared my dreams because I didn’t believe in the more outlandish ones. 

I nourished the dreams that were impossible, but only impossible on a small scale. I let the other bigger better dreams go because they seemed to be impossible squared.

No more. No longer. Check back in 5 years. 

(Or tomorrow. Cuz, as you know, some come quickly.)

For you 

Evan Griffith
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