1 Q, 20 A: My experience mind storming the Brian Tracy way

I’m with Buckminster Fuller on this:

Your mind ultimately answers every question you ask it.

A few weeks ago I picked up an old Brian Tracy audio program and re-listened to a part of it. He reminded me that I believed that Buckminster Fuller observation, for I’d forgotten.

Do you ever do that too, let something that’s been effective for you lapse from awareness?

Me neither.

Here’s Brian Tracy’s version, he calls it mind storming: 

(You do this alone. It is not brain storming, which you do with others.)

1. Write your question down on the top of the page 

2. Be as specific as you can

3. Then write 20 answers; keep at it until you’re done

Tracy suggests that it is often the final answer or two that is the best solution. You may find yourself discarding the earlier, more obvious answers in favor of what came last.

Why 20 answers and not 10, or 5? You must let your mind run to draw upon the fullness of your resources.

So I did this five days ago. The question was centered around an issue with my website.

Here’s what I found — the first few answers were solutions I’d already planned loosely but hadn’t committed to yet.

The subsequent answers were mostly ideas that had been floating on the far periphery of my mind, without coalescing into anything tangible — you know, not unlike an electron in its wave form of possibilities impossibly distant from its nucleus.

(Ah, the quantum.)

Those final answers? Yeah, they had some juice to them. I can tell by the electrical charge when I re-read them. There’s that electron again.

The most significant finding: That those 20 answers serve as a checklist for the next few months. They are all actionable.

What was a frustration — an aspect of my website — is now a kind of liberation. I get to flow my energy/effort toward something more satisfying. All because I heeded the Brian Tracy-Buckminster Fuller call to tease out the wisdom from within.

Part of the What creators do series.

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