11. One splurge day a week

Fresh into the success of (finally) going without sodas for two months, I realized I needed to curtail my other sugary excess: desserts.

Normally I didn’t crave desserts, I’m pretty sure because I was drinking sodas often. Ample sugar was being imbibed already.

But as soon as I quit sodas ice cream, brownies, cookies and ice cream began sneaking in with greater regularity.

Week 11 of The Year of Micro Experiments as simple: Indulge only one splurge day a week for dessert.

This turned out to be the first triumphant all-in success of the micro experiments. It went off exactly as intended, no deviations.

It may have been the accruing momentum of the micro challenges overall, or riding on the coattails of No Sodas success — either way it was a breeze. Demonstrating that if you keep trying tiny innovations eventually one will come easy.

We like the easy. It encourages more.

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