11 yesses

OmJah! Let’s rock this day:

Yes to our renewed vigor 

Yes to the flow of (very cool) ideas 

Yes to the stream of goodness, some of it even disguised as badness 

Yes to very cool technologies sprouting from the everywherenet, allowing us to connect far beyond the possibilities dreamed of a blink in time ago 

Yes to you, inspired reader 

Yes to me, expresser of oft-freakishly beautiful things happening around me 

Yes to you wild ones, you mild ones, you child ones  it takes us all to make it work 

Yes to those who need a hand, they show us who we truly are 

Yes to the challenge angels who make our lives at times hellish; they show us how to grow 

Yes to all the phenom frolicsome creativity abounding wherever we turn; there’s so much of it we don’t register it anymore 

Yes to every single little thing I wear, I touch, I turn on, I view, for I made none of it 

. . . . . . . . . . .

(inspired by Travis Thomas, check out his Moments of Yes)

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A most excellent way to bring two people together
In meditation, a gift