11:11 again! (Postscript) (!!:!!)

What is it now, 11:14?! I’m writing this three-minutes later . . . *

Let’s go back a number of hours first. 4:44. That was the time when I looked up at the gallery earlier today.

The last time I looked it was approximately 5:30-ish, running out the gallery door. Flash forward these many hours, all manner of activity in between, ending with Ann and I watching TV for the first time in possibly two or three months. 

We arose from the couch, wondering how late it was
 11:11. Yes. Yes! After today’s earlier post . . . I find . . . I don’t know . . . doesn’t that smack of impishness? Playfulness? Come on, that is a wink with dimples thrown in.

I had to run and tell you.


* Though I will publish this tomorrow  today for you  at a certain time  out of respect.

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