3 things I learned from sitting down with writer FJ Sands

This morning I kicked off my Creator’s Network with a breakfast with writer FJ Sands. 

3 Things I Learned From FJ Sands

1) Pay attention to the signs

FJ talked about how a year and a half ago he sat in a room with a successful writer in Key West. He was sitting a short distance away, watching the writer and his wife chat with FJ’s wife. 

FJ: “I’m not a spiritual guy, but I believe you’ve got to pay attention to the signs, good or bad.”

He told me that as he sat there with his kids at the end of a long bar he had an experience unlike anything he’d ever experienced. 

He saw himself float above himself, surveying the whole scene. He was watching himself looking at the writer. He was watching himself take in this writer’s life — and it was a good one, full of luxurious perks.

More than that it was a life fulfilled by living well off one’s creativity.

FJ distinctly felt a message come through: That this successful writer could have been FJ had he taken a different path. (FJ had wanted to be a writer when he was younger . . . .)

Then FJ had the feeling that this could be him if he were to set out on a different path now. This writer’s world could be his . . . 

2) When inspiration strikes, do it

That evening in the hotel room FJ scoured a pen and a writing pad and started jotting down notes. 

He felt the pulling power of this vision and went with it. He didn’t hesitate or second guess it. He went for it.

Out came the overall outline for the book he’d write in the next 8 months.

When inspired, jump to it. 

You know what FJ didn’t do? 

He didn’t ask permission. He didn’t call around to those he knew to see if it was a good idea. He didn’t talk himself out of the waking vision he’d had earlier that day. He didn’t put any brakes in front of his momentum.

3) Do it daily

FJ was able to write an 80,000-word book in 8 months by popping into writing mode every day, often several times a day. 

As he drove to work he found himself day dreaming the characters. In free floating moments throughout his day he found himself immersed in the idea. 

And in small pockets of time he went at it. 

I’m impressed. I’m finishing off an over 80,000 word manuscript and it’s taken me more than two years. I had the same amount of time FJ had. 

Which was not a lot. We both have families and jobs and bills and friends. And wives we’re crazy loco for.

So the not enough time didn’t matter once he set to it. Time always opens up for those who are entranced. 

It’s nothing short of amazing when someone is seized by a possibility and goes for it. 

I felt a live, surging energy current as we talked today . . . I feel it now writing to you. There’s so much electricity sloshing around when someone lives their inspiration that it spills over. 

I’m grateful to have been encompassed in that energy field spillover effect today. I may not have a lot left, but what I have of my hair is tingling still.

. . . . . . . 

FJ’s book will be out on Amazon this week. I’ll link to it here when it comes out.

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Evan Griffith

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