4 ways to (productively) blow off what you think you need to do

1) Nap

Oh yeah. 12, 15, 20 minutes . . . you may not even fall into what you term sleep. But you will fall into reverie. That’s enough. That’s so enough. You’ll  be surprised at the way your engines rev after even a faux sleep.

2) Intimacy

You get to define this! It could be a call to a friend or sneaking in romance with your partner. Connections are what it’s all about.

3) Take a walk

You know what goes well with your Paleo diet? Walking. It was how Paleo humans burned their calories. Walking is still the best way to clear your head and open yourself up creatively.

4) Read something inspirational (not informational)

If you don’t have something to read, search for it. Inspiration is literally at your fingertips in this era. Sometimes all you need is to take a moment to read the people around you, for the heroic elements in their lives.

Bonus tip: Lie down on the earth for five minutes

Sounds silly, but if you can sprawl your body on the earth somewhere for even a handful of minutes, you’ll feel . . . sorry . . . there’s almost no other way to put it . . . grounded. You’ll feel grounded. 

You know what I felt when I tried it the first time this past year?


But then you adjust yourself, your spine, your legs, the throw of your arms . . . and then you feel the galloping horses of ages past, you feel those who’ve trod the earth before you. You feel gravity hugging you to the planet. You feel the note being plunked in our era and its part in eternity’s song.

You know what you feel when you get up?


For you 

Evan Griffith
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