5 differences between spirit creatives and creative spirits

We all know creative spirits.

They’re a little footloose. They’re sparking creatively in one form or another often.

You walk into their homes and there’s stuff they made. On the walls, in the living space — maybe even in the yard. 

Creative spirits leave evidence everywhere, including their conversations. 

Creative spirits are:

Cat Video Makers
Those with personal flair
Those who are playful
Those who improvise
Event Planners
Body Piercers
Kids and Puppies and Kittens

And more . . . 

Spirit creatives can be all these things . . . there is great intersection here. Yet there are significant differences as well.

Before we talk about the differences, I’d like to share a supreme commonality.

1 commonality spirit creatives share with creative spirits

1) They try things

Because creativity is trying things

Expression always involves a creative act and each creative act is an improvisation. 

Creativity is finding newness in the moment.

The 5 differences between spirit creatives and creative spirits

1) Connection is paramount

Spirit creatives connect meaningfully with their Source. It’s important for them as part of their creative journey. 

Where a creative spirit might care nothing for reverence, for a spirit creative every act is one of reverence.

Being grounded spiritually — being connected — is the highest form of expression. From it all good things flow.

2) Creativity is a practice

Spirit creatives know their creative outlet is something to be nurtured. Often, daily. To a spirit creative creativity is spirituality.

Though a spirit creative doesn’t think in terms of sin . . . it feels almost sinful to not be creatively engaging one’s utmost highest self. 

In fact, it feels wasteful. Wasteful of this gift of existence the spirit creative is taking part in.

Hence a spirit creative honors the creative impulse with the discipline of practice.

3) Creativity as an expression of the divine within

Spirit creatives feel the pull of something inexplicably greater flowing through them. 

What is created is an expression of the Spirit within expressing through them. 

The creative spark is a divine one. It’s the flame one must tend if one is to live fully.

4) The creation is not theirs

All those who are creatively engaged in their lives must ultimately come to terms with release. Something is created and then released into the world. 

Spirit creatives understand the creation is not theirs. 

Every act of creation — a kindness given, a smile offered, an origami flower left behind on a table, an opus, a documentary, a work project, a life, a child — every act of creation is for participation. Not to own. 

Every creative act is part of the flow expression of Life seeking to form something new. Once it is out there it no longer belongs to the one who created it. 

The creation now belongs to the All. 

What happens from there is serendipity.

5) There’s always moreness

Spirit Energy is inexhaustible. There’s always more. Spirit creatives know that creativity never stops

True spiritual engagement means to be creatively alive in every moment. Regardless of the activity. 

Spirit creatives bask in the moreness of every moment. Whether they are engaged in their particular creative calling or not. 

Washing the dishes is as much a spiritual act as is making love. As is nurturing your child. As is gardening. As is bookkeeping. As is cleaning up. As is laughter and blogging and donating and befriending and pranking.

Moreness is the Mystery essence overspilling every experience. 

There’s always so freaking much more than we can articulate or even sense! 

This moreness is tangible and alive and outflowing every event in our lives. 

Spirit creatives get that. Even if it blows their little minds.

Spirit creatives steep in the ever moreness. It’s the moreness that matters more than the creation itself. 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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