7 links: Awesome street artists who are not Banksy; Tony Robbins cures a lifetime of stuttering in 7 minutes; 10 meditation benefits, amusingly detailed; more

1. Tony Robbins cures 30 years of stuttering in 7 minutes

I just watched this and have tears streaming down my cheeks — damn allergies!

With appreciation to David Langley for sending this. Made my night. Transformation is possible. And sometimes within minutes.

Thanks David, you  awesome slice of positive pie —

2. 13 awesome street painters (who aren’t Banksy)

3. Pam Grout: Abandon your belief in deprivation

4. Jim Haug: Inmates find Buddhism

5. 10 amazing benefits of meditation

Explained with Tim Brownson’s disarming wit:

“It would be fair to say it’s only really the last decade or two that it’s morphed from a pastime for tofu loving hippies who liked to knit their own yogurt and burn strange smelling plants, to a method scientifically proven to lower stress levels, improve happiness level and overall physical and mental health.”

6. Harvard researcher reveals a fun way to be more successful

Eric Barker on Shawn Achor — and why happiness is the most important metric of all time for success:

“Sounds like those contemporary spiritual advocates of following your bliss are . . . so right that you might want to eject all other kinds of thinking from your self-talk vocabulary.”

7. TED Talk: Your body language shapes who you are

Unfurling from near-fetal, desk slump now . . . 

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