7 Links: The buy nothing year, Stewart Brand debates de-extinction, RAK Friday and more

1. Instead of Black Friday, try RAK Friday
Let Travis Thomas of Yes30.com explain . . . 

2. Steward Brand and Paul Erlich debate de-extinction

3. Video of super strong 64-year-old grandpa 
Exhilaration moment: When you see the before picture from 8-years earlier. Thank you to Bri The Angel Guy for this one.

4. Steve Pavlina:
How to order from the universal restaurant

5. Pam Grout:
Today’s weather forecast: An ongoing avalanche of miracles and blessings

6. It’s time to be free
“You don’t have to disguise yourself anymore.”
~ 82-year-old blogger (and friend) Christopher Foster

7. The Buy Nothing Year

Two roommates set out on a savings adventure that changes their lives

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Taking yoga into your day
RAKFriday, not Black Friday