A creative house is a comfy house

“In a creative house the dishes don’t always get done.” This blog post about creative house living started with this sentence.

In that paean to living creativity I neglected one of the most important aspects: Comfyness. 

In the photo above, you see Ann nestled atop two beanbags we just added to our very tiny media room/kid office (Zane’s got a small desk for homework in it.) With the short shag throw rug and these two oversize beanbags it’s officially been transformed into the kind of family room you really want to hang out in.

A comfy house is a creative house. Why? Because startling insights lurk in languorous moments.

Ideas love chill time the way insects love floodlights at night.

If you’re looking for a creative buzz, let yourself get bored in a real comfy spot. Keep a notepad handy. 

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Evan Griffith
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