A creator’s tip (it applies to life as well)

No matter where you are and what you’ve done, no matter the mistakes you think you’ve made, creation meets you there. You have creation power in you until your final breaths. 

I have a friend right now finding extraordinary life in a second career, one he couldn’t have imagined even a year ago. All the explorations that seemed to have petered out to nothing . . . are his greatest resource in this new, post-50 career. 

It turns out even (seeming) far-off-the-path mishaps inevitably accrue value for you.

Art is a series of mistakes. This realization has a tremendous effect on the way I work. It eliminates fear from my system. 

 . . . 

The best way to understand my paintings is by imagining a blackboard. You can erase a blackboard a million times and almost always the traces of what you have done previously will remain on the board.

~ Vahe Berberian 

Part of the What creators do series.

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