A follow up, because you want to know: The best can get better

First you’re going to have to catch up on this woman’s tale, about how she went from the worst (husband ending the marriage suddenly, without as much as a warning shot across the bow) to the best in twelve months (envisioned new lover materializes).

Read this quickly because I’m breathless to tell you the rest:

From the worst to the best in one year

What I didn’t know at the time I wrote the first post is that this woman took inspiration from the video The Secret. She was in the abyss of her life and thought, What the hey, why not give it a shot?

So she settled into some seriously playful envisioning. She dove into details, envisioning items in the home her future love would have, down to brass knobs on a gas stove, wood tones, how it would feel, more.

This past month they married, this successful author and she.

I bring this up for two reasons: 

The first, there’s nothing I relish more than sharing life turnarounds. My wife and I are experiencing one ourselves right now financially . . . and I am resolutely certain my fixation on the good flowing through other people’s lives opened the floodgates.

The second is this: If you’ve ever heard someone try anything . . . sweat lodge pinky shakes, prayer at high altitudes, yoga with pumas, whatever! . . . and they claim that it worked for them . . . then why not give what tugs at your heart a chance, just like this woman did when she opened her mind to one of the messages from The Secret: That you can influence the direction of your life by seeing/feeling the desired result.

(Which of course is not the end result. It’s only the next platform upon which to play.)



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