A freelancer feels the flow of financial fulfillment

Yeah, that’s far too much alliteration, even for me in my silly zone. I can only apologize now the damage is done.

Here’s a quick story for you about pressing needs met in the nick of time, from a freelancer we work with at the gallery. Let’s call him Rollo.

Last month Rollo was suddenly faced with a doubling of his rent and utility expenses when circumstances left him as the sole renter in his unit. As the first of the month neared he found himself in growing agitation as he was driving one day. Panic was setting in.

How was he going to pull it off? The rent was due in a week and he had no prospects and no back up funds.

The apprehension grew to the point he idled his car and sat there. He knew he had to address his mind. 

He reminded himself things always worked out. He reminded himself that the right opportunity always seemed to pop up in the past. He’d faced tight times before and had always made it work somehow.

Rollo drew in deep, slow breaths and relaxed himself until he felt reassurance seep through him.

Here’s where I come in  not that you needed me in this particular story.

Rollo was telling me this story in an almost befuddled awe at how knots can unknot themselves. Later that very day I contacted him asking if he could work with us ASAP. And it’s turned into a weekly gig for the remainder of the season.

So the funds he needed arrived from an unlikely source. We hadn’t worked with Rollo for a year and a half  and then out of the blue I connected with him on the very day of his maximum crisis. 

Note that I didn’t connect at the moment of need . . . the need had been there and had become more pressing each day. I happened to connect only after he’d quieted himself and had found relief in the quieting.

Even better, I waited a week to write Rollo’s experience out for you here. In the intervening seven days, Rollo landed a $5,000 project. 


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