A genius for joy

I went to the hammock to contemplate my larger life — my life from the long view, where there are two horizon points, birth and ultimately death.

On my birthday I like to cast back over the prior year, cast forward into the year to come.

Today, after a whirlwind twelve-hour visit from family all I could feel was joy. Members of my family have a genius for joy. At times I do too.

It is my passion — and my practice these days — to activate it. 

In the hammock surveying a life, that’s what surfaced, joy, overwhelmingly.

To look at my recent half decade you’d think it had been a bitch, starting with the 2008 crash and the way it boot-stomped our business. 

But that’s not what surfaced today. Nor indeed, most days.

It’s a good and often blissful life to engage in your purpose, to relish others and be relished in return, to steep in experience as it happens no matter the flavor of the moment.

Yes to more of that I said from the hammock.

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