A kaleidoscopic love for multiple paths

Regarding spirituality and personal growth, I have a kaleidoscopic love for multiple paths. 

Some people prefer the simplicity of the desert. Very little, very spare, very focused. Others like me revel in the fecundity of the tropics. That is expressed here on this site. I’m from Florida so it makes sense.

You’ll see Twyla Tharp referenced (bridging creativity into the next day and the next). You’ll see old and new mashed together (We Wei and the Law of Attraction).

You’ll find Minx Boren laughing at the absurdity of five-year plans, you’ll find out how I’m Hindu (and Christian and Native American and Muslim and Buddhist). 

Oh my god I love the swirl of thought currents mixing. What works for innovation works on a personal level too. 

We are richer because of Stephen Pressfield calling bullsh!t on the ways in which we avoid our calling. We are richer because of minimalists and joy workers showing us different ways of showing up in the world. 

There are resources beyond understanding. There is power in putting it out there. There is something raw and compelling wherever you look.

Viva la diferencia!

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