A love beam . . . in business negotiations?

Several years ago a friend related how his spiritual explorations had enhanced his business life.

He’s a competent attorney and businessman. Once fiercely competitive he now sets the intention the highest and best for all before he goes into negotiations. 

As a meditator this isn’t some thought tossed off moments before walking into the room. He will have been in deep languorous contemplation several times well before the meeting, as well as seeking a few minutes of private space beforehand.

When I asked him how this plays out when it gets down to the hard scrabble negotiating, he said that he’ll sit back and direct a love beam around the table, beaming it in turn toward each individual sitting there.

Everything goes much smoother now, with far less friction. Even to the point where I’m offered more than I would have asked for. 

Dr. Ken Grey: On two modes of prayer, in stillness, in motion