A moment of whee, defined

What is a moment of whee? 

A moment of abandon. 

What are you abandoning?

Cares. Worries. Anything that weighs you down. 

What are you abandoning yourself to? 


Unfettered aliveness. 

It’s a moment in the midst of the everyday when you fling yourself beyond the bounds of normalcy. You burst out of what is expected and revel in the unexpected. 

Whee is in essence the supra-normal. Not the paranormal . . . it’s the super-duper normal. It’s what normal can be when we release ourselves into sudden happy-making. 

We can all use moments of whee in our days. There’s nothing quite as liberating. It’s a spa treatment for your spirit.

Two examples of moments of whee:

A moment of wheeee . . . Rainball version

Celebrity Moment of Wheeee: Sarah Silverman

Moments of whee are hinges in time to that other dimension, that one we all want access to. The dimension of unity and bliss. It exists. Whee gets you there.

(And so does your quiet connection mode of choice . . . and so does love, baby, love . . . )

For you 

Evan Griffith
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