A prediction

It’s already happening in Ojai, California

My prediction for the future that is almost here: Green will ring and top our buildings. 
The day is coming when shrubs and plants will encircle our skyscrapers, at all levels. There will be trees and grasses crowning our buildings. 
This is not much of a prediction . . . there are already buildings with plantlife covering the rooftops. There exist some buildings where plantlife juts out from the sides. What I’m saying is it will be common.
What I’m saying is that in the future when a building goes up, more vegetation will inhabit that land than pre-construction.
That parcel of land will increase the earth’s lung power, not subtract from it.
There will be a small plot of wild outside every room. Imagine looking out your 20th-floor office through bamboo. 
That’s sustainability on steroids . . . if I may use a metaphor that employs amped-up pharmaceuticals. 
That’s when humanity will have matured to the point of giving more than it takes when it constructs. 
It’s coming. It’s coming. 

Yeah, it’s coming.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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