A ritual for spiritual creatives: Bless this project

Deep in the woods on the far outside of Memphis there is a 45-foot aluminum boat being built single-handedly by an extraordinary gentleman, the sculptor Brian Russell.

It’s rising up off the ground in an almost Noah’s Ark fashion, miles from any water for which it would be suitable. He’s several years into the construction, with several more to go before it goes a-sloshing through the seas.

(If you look closely, on Brian’s shoulder you’ll see Puppy, my son’s favorite stuffed pet. I took Puppy on my travels and photographed him here and there — mostly there — zipping photos back to Zane via text.) 

(Viva la technologie! Love leaps through the air!)

Brian is a hard-headed, science-based sort . . . so it was a great surprise to discover he had the boat blessed by a Catholic priest — who, it should be said, enjoyed blessing something different than the washers and dryers and toasters and other more home-bound contraptions of our age that he’s normally asked to bless in the immigrant community he serves.

Why not bestow a blessing on your own creative project?

Why not beckon the mysterious goodness hiding in everything into your undertaking?

It’s a way of funneling support of the highest order, publicly, and a way of declaring its significance to you as well.

This idea isn’t limited to what we traditionally define as creative. It could be the home you’re envisioning, your mission in life, that child you’re raising, the life path you’ve chosen, the car you’re dreaming of, the project you’ve taken on at work. 

Anything substantial to you — it’s all creative, it’s all spiritual, it’s all materially immaterial.

Consecrate that endeavor of yours! 

For great fun have a spirited and beatific friend perform a service for your project. And I say keep it delightful. Keep it light and loose. Spirit-force is ever the stronger among those who are light of heart.

Do this at whatever stage feels appropriate. It’s your project, it’s your soul vitality you’re pouring into it. You’ll know when it feels right. You’ll feel it in your gut, in your hara point, the Japanese term for your energy center.

I’m going to be asking several friends to perform separate rituals for a book I’m working on.

If you’re reading this, Brian — let’s angel up! Carolyn, lasso in those energetic guides of yours. Travis and Hollister, let’s yes this thing into existence.

I’m choosing each of them for their ability to laugh while simultaneously being seriously cool spiritually.

You can’t go wrong bringing in those attuned to the infinite.

Sorta, kinda part of the What creators do series.

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