A small list of goodness (PG-17)

— Plastic wrap — seals the freshness in, sure, but it’s real miracle is being able to see through it. Remember the old aluminum wrap? Something was always putrefying underneath it . . . . 

— My kid being zany

— Watermelon and kiwi and canteloupe and cherries and grapes — my favorite desserts from nature.

— MomJo!

— I can beam a thought around the world at the speed of light

— That friends are made at the speed of laughter

— Diner breakfasts

— The person who waves you into a lane choked with traffic

— When the phone rings and it’s the person you were just thinking of calling. It saves all that time dialing.

— Candles

— A hammock (with me in it)

— My wife — for coming into her artistic own. For her zen composure. And yes, for the phenomenal sex. I believe it’s the reason I came to this earth plane in the first place . . . 🙂

Now go make your own list!

For you 

Evan Griffith
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