A soft thought voice said something to me once that set a new course for my life

This is what the soft thought voice in meditation said:

“All you have to do is control your time.”

This inner message was about writing every day at home — I’d just come off the road after a year and a half of a grueling schedule. I’d been able to make the writing happen every day, even though I was on the road for 12 or more hours a day, relentlessly. 

The voice knew the diversions of home, a lovely wife, a joy boy, an encompassing business, wonder friends, stuff stuff stuff! The voice knew exactly what I needed to do, set up the commitment as I entered into this new mode of living.

Perhaps this message means something to you too. 

Is there something that is significant to you that you’re not yet fitting into your life?

Really, all you have to do is control your time.

It’s not as hard as you think. Start with 15 minutes. Or 30, or 60. Whatever you can commit to. 

Or five minutes. It’s amazing what can be started if you give it five minutes. 

I imagine Rome started this way. Casually, five minutes, someone stopping, looking around. Rome may not have been built in a day, but it almost certainly began with someone laying down their burdens for five minutes and exploring the possibilities there.

I say start with what seems absurdly small as a commitment. Because then you’ll do it. Expansion is easy once your underway. 

Listening to the soft voice I started my with my five-minute rule. How crazily simple is that. Now I consistently log writing time every day — for both this blog and a book — that would have been too painful to have even contemplated back then.

You commit to something, 5 minutes or 15. Then you grow it.

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