A surprise insight into my purpose

Meditation continues to surprise. Even after years, up comes this insight.

In meditation this thought was imparted to me so powerfully and succinctly my eyes flipped open:

You may think your primary purpose is creative in nature, it’s not. Your primary purpose is to draw the best out of people.

It was startling yet calming. I’ve long assumed my mission is a creative one, living creatively, expressing creatively. 
Yet when this thought came to me from a higher source — I felt tension drop away. It felt right and natural. In fact I felt relief. Thank God, I thought, I’m already doing that. 
At least when I’m at my best.
Then this realization followed: 

If I am meant to draw out the best in people, then I am also meant to draw out the best in myself.

I suspect this purpose of mine is not mine alone. I suspect that many share this purpose, maybe even you.

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