A tale of two images

Take a look at the top image. There’s something inviting about it, isn’t there? It’s an older structure shrouded in tree. 

The lower image, what? Not much, right? 

It’s the same building without the treespan. Taken only 20 to 30 feet upwind of the tree.

The first image is inviting. The second is a turnoff. The difference is when nature is zeroed out.

You notice it too, don’t you. When you drive into an appealing neighborhood it’s got trees, regardless of home values, regardless of the age and size of the homes. 

Denude that same neighborhood of foliage and suddenly your interest drops like a drunk off a bar stool.

Want to add soul into your life? Add a plant. 

Want to leave soul behind you when you go? Plant a tree.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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