A tale of two mouths

Let me regale you with a tale of two mouths. 

First, if you need a reference point, here it is, this post:

Poor mouth, rich mouth

Mine is a tale of two mouths from the same mouth, mine.

This past summer I caught myself poor mouthing and rich mouthing the very same thing  in the same week  to vastly different result: Our life and business since the 2008 stock market crash.

Poor mouth: It’s been brutal. Brutal. We still have a long way to go.

Rich mouth: It was a bitch but now we’re coming back big time.

The same set of facts reigned  three years of rock bottom with sales up significantly this year. Note that rich mouth didn’t require lying about it. Rich mouth only required accepting and transmitting the good right now.

The only difference was my mindset at the time. 

Guess which one left me inspired? 

Guess which mouth-mind couldn’t wait to get back to work  like a race horse eager for the track? Like a puppy ready for play, in fact . . . .

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