A (very small) secret of creativity

If you’re daunted by a creative project — one that excites you and scares you — knowing this one little thing can help:

Fifteen minutes into a project it gets easier.

Fifteen minutes into a project is easier than the minutes and hours before you begin. 

Even if you’ve done nothing in that fifteen minutes but stare at a blank page — or a blank screen. 

So the answer to the question When do I start this thing? is always today. 

Just start. 

Carve out that small slice of time today . . . say 30 minutes . . . and start.


Write down your project concept.

Stare at the blank page.

Let ideas sift through your mind. Let these ideas be your guide. One or two will call out to you as actionable. 

Whatever thoughts you have about what to do next, go for it.

Fifteen minutes in it will be easier. The first step will have presented itself.

A small foothold of clarity will come forth. Follow it.

For you 

Evan Griffith

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