A vision page on the fly

A couple of days ago I launched a public vision page . . . one of my (almost) daily practices that has made a significant difference in my life.

Here I’m posting an example of a vision page on the fly. I had maybe 5 to 8 minutes between two early morning events . . . and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to connect and launch my day.

So I went supernova on it. Blasted it out with a series of statements on what I wished for the day. To set it in motion.

Even a quickly jotted vision page can funnel you in your preferred direction.

Speaking what you want has power. Writing it has even more . . . it tunnels into you and out of you simultaneously.

You might think your to-do list or your planner is your focusing tool, but it’s not. That is your means of execution.

Bring the entirety of your being into alignment before you begin your day — before you execute — and watch the sparks fly. The enjoyment sparks.

A vision page is a means for bridging mind and spirit. Handwriting it completes the triad, engaging your body too.

Try it for a day, for a week. On the fly or more in depth. A vision page is a powerful focusing agent. Fusing sometimes disparate aspects together, so that you spring forth with uncommon calm for one so energized for the day.

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Vision Page (out loud) Sunday 10.30.16
Somewhere in Mississippi