Acupuncture and cancer treatment side effects

When my Mom (MomJo!) went through double-barreled cancer treatment earlier this year, the only thing that relieved the pain and the nausea was acupuncture. 

If you’re curious, the effects were detailed in this post: A brief tale of a Christian and a Sikh

Isn’t it startling sometimes . . . what works and what doesn’t? All the pharmaceuticals they gave her were for naught, yet needles inserted into certain meridian points in her skin relieved her suffering for a day or two.

Now, MomJo disbelieves in modern medicine . . . and believes in acupuncture . . . so part of it may be this expectation effect. But she also believes in prayer and prayer didn’t have this effect. Or maybe in the recesses of her psyche she believes in acupuncture more. Who can say?

But the effect was amazing for one laid so low. I witnessed it myself during a visit.

If you’re curious about the emerging scientific thought on why acupuncture works, check out an intriguing book by Dawson Church called The Genie in Your Genes. The book is ostensibly about the new science of epigenetics (your genes are not your destiny!) and the comprehensive science behind intention (you program your destiny!) (you destiny programming fiend), but it is also a romp through the fields of energy and alternative medicine.

The theory is that energy in the form of electrical charges rocket through a very tiny web of ducts (called Bonghan ducts) that course through the bloodstream, the lymph system and over the surfaces of organs. These ducts are so tiny they are invisible to light microscopes. We
 were unaware of their pervasive existence until recently.

So when a New Ager says Hey, man, you gotta line up your energy
 Come on, seriously, it’s all about unblocking the energy . . . don’t laugh, the science of the future is almost upon us and it turns out those who foresaw it were laughed at, until they weren’t, just like everything else of lasting impact.

Isn't this a lot like how we want the plot of our life to be too?
Ahhhh, love