Add this to your job description


Indie Biz Owner-Creator


Project Manager-Creator






When you add Creator to your job description, you open up what is possible.

If I limit myself to solely being a writer, I exclude rich possibilities. When I tell myself I’m a writer-creator, then I’m clear on what is most important: My life as a writer and as an experience creator.

A chef might extend her culinary career by opening a cafe or buying a food truck or teaching others or catering or specialty meals once a week in a home for a small group of paying customers and friends. 

Or maybe it’s building an addition onto her home that allows for a commercial-sized kitchen, so she can experiment into a different way of making a living . . .

Or renting out a room or driveway so she can have more time. 

(Cheffing can exact a toll on your personal life. The hours are long and the days are many . . . .) 

Thinking like a creator allows for sideways thinking.

Imagine if Goethe had limited himself to his political career. Or only being a writer. It would have been less of a life. Less of a contribution.

Shakespeare was as much a businessman as he was a playwright. One aspect of his life enabled the other.

It’s true for you as well. When you define yourself, think of yourself as a _________-Creator. It opens a mental door you can step through — into a more fulfilling existence. 

For you 

Evan Griffith

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