Affirmations do work!

Wow, it’s true — affirmations do work. I woke up several days ago with the bed and floor around me littered with notes. My demi-conscious mind had been at play again the night before.

Some were shards of genius, to put in a book or share with you here. Some were about something to do, to research, to share, to muse upon. Some were brain jetsam that were unintelligible in the light of day:

You only get erhisll fid (??). You know what I mean!

No, Evan’s brain, I don’t — but thanks for all the other notes.

You know how a sickie will toss sneezed-upon tissues round their bedside at night? That’s what it looked like, except each of these 5 x 8 sheets contained an idea. The mind is a fertile hydroponic chamber if instructed properly.

I am a creative dynamo became one of my daily declarations months back. Yep, I say it out loud sistah! — generally in the car. I liked it so much that I would use it to calm my mind in moments of financial panic.

This idea of becoming an idea generator gathered force when I noticed that it was a series of ideas that had kept us moving in the previous two years.

Ideas are free. If you believe, as I do, that our minds are connected to All Else, then it only makes sense to prepare that mind field for a fertile crop.

Affirmations seem like a good way to go. You plant the seeds with minimal effort, and repeat repeat repeat. No rinsing a t’all. Easier than shampoo. One action only, repeat.

I am a creative dynamo.

You repeat daily and often, until it seems that it could maybe be so . . . and then it seems hmmm, doable . . . and then likely . . . and then finally it simply feels like you’re confirming what is already there.

Ideas stream at you in stereo, ideas become holographic and envelop your field of vision, ideas sing to you in snippets and you sing right back: I looo-ooooove ideas, ooo baby baby yeah.

This means it’s only a matter of time before my other affirmations come true. I may be accepting applications for minions soon . . . .

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