All these wishes are for you

Today I spoke with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in awhile. He’s been going through something horrific. It all came spilling out —

All he needed was someone not involved to care.

The details are too intensely personal to share here, but anyone who’s had to quit their life to care for a loved one in freefall knows this kind of agony . . .

Today I’d like to ask all of you who are doing alright to send a wish to those who aren’t.

Just take a moment, imagine the very best for those who need it.

Throw your beautiful, vibrant, healing energy into the divine wind — so that it may blow a little stronger for those who feel unmoored right now.

Some of you are going through turmoil.

If you are in difficulty and you are reading this now, these wishes are for you. From people you don’t know, people who care.

You are supported. You might feel the tiniest ping . . . and then another . . . . These are messages of light coming to buoy you up.

Accept them, embrace them, let them stir something unvanquishable inside. Let these light bursts pierce your darkness. Let them rekindle your own light. The light that’s been covered.

It’s there. You are more than you know. Let the unknowable more take residence inside you, let it glow.

Someday soon you will be the one . . .






extending a hand

extending a thought

For now, take these thoughts, these wishes, these soul offerings —

And watch . . . something will turn.


Something will pivot.


Your mission will become clear to you.


Your experience will be illuminated with meaning.


All these wishes are for you — hoard them for now — release them to others when you’re overflowing once more —

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