Alternacise: Walking poles

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Fun exercise works has become our mantra.

For the briefest origin story you’ll ever ever encounter, click here for the genesis of that phrase.

Today I’m sharing a passion of the last eight months: Pole walking.

Every summer I get into great shape. I swim and play and swim some more. So by the time fall and our art selling season rolls around, I’m a better me.

Two things happen then.

First, our pool isn’t heated. So somewhere in late October, early November it chills. The swimming and pool play stops.

Second, we surge into serious workage. Lots and lots of hours. Our people are here and they are buying. The gallery goes 7 days a week. Many nights too.

Oh, I guess there’s a third . . . the holiday season brings pies and cakes and such. Celebrations and gatherings and eatfulness.

The upper body heft that took a summer to engineer melts . . . and slides . . . far enough down to thwart belt buckling. Mr. Clean morphs into the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Then it’s not long before my lover woman wife looks away when she walks in and I’m in the shower.

Enter the walking poles. You can buy thin metal walking poles with scarcely any weight at all to them. They’re well suited to get your arms pumping.

But if you want a workout, nothing’s better than cut limbs from trees you’re trimming. You feel the solidity within minutes of setting off for a walk.

Thirty minutes later you’ll be huffing . . . and you’ll feel the burn.

I bring this up as a reminder: Alternatives to routine exercise abound.

You can . . .

Climb a tree

Walk in a pool
(rather than swim; the resistance compels exertion)

Get a big bouncy ball and see how long you can keep it aloft with friends and family

Play tag

Throw a frisbee

Break into 80s pogo-style dancing for a minute every time you rise from your desk

Fun exercise works.


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