Among the creators

I relish being among creators. Creators of anything: business, art, books, lifestyle, interesting moments — I float when in the presence of those who carve their own way through the thicket.

You can tell when you’re among creators. I can’t do that isn’t accepted. Experiments always seem to be afoot. 

What I’ve learned from years in the art business is how much creativity is not limited to so-called artistic types.

For example: My son calls my brother, an attorney, for a commitment on a charity run for school. 

The first words — after yes — out of Tony’s mouth? Hmmm, let’s make this interesting . . . 

And you know what he does? He challenges Zane to accomplish more by upping the commitment level for extra laps he runs, with ratchet points for even greater rewards — and if he’s able to do the maximum, whoa, payday.

Creativity is buzzing everywhere for those who live it. There’s an impishness inherent to creators . . . let’s try something, anything reigns supreme . . . 


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