An answer to ‘What helps you see in the dark?’

In my latest Reader Circle eletter, I riffed off this Stephen Tobolowski quote:

A philosophy is only useful if it helps you see in the dark.

At the end of the eletter I asked: What helps you see in the dark?

Artist Dorrie Koller sent a reply I have to share with you — with her permission of course:

I have been in places so dark it would make black jealous. The only thing that has ever given me sight is gratitude.

Gratitude has never failed me. It has enabled me to forgive that which is unforgivable. Accept that which is unacceptable. And love that which is unloveable.

Gratitude has let me take myself off the hook and everyone else too! It helps me see how everything in my life, good and what we call bad, has all worked to create this special person that I call me.

It helps me fall in love again and again with my life, past, present, and future. It puts heaven right here and the miracles right in my own hands!

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