An easy choice

Two themes are sweeping the nation. 

One is distrust. Fear and loathing on a visceral level. It’s taken over the political discourse. It’s gone national in scale. Global.
The other is impish spirit love. It’s been coming for generations. You see it in the texts and images floating by on your social media stream.
You can do it.

I can do it.

We’re all in this together.

We are one.

All you need is love . . . and spunk.
It’s an easy choice for me. 
The question is how do I embody this impish spirit love today? 
How do I show someone marginalized that I care? 
I’ll encounter dozens of people today. Do I look them in the eye with a twinkle? Or do I look away and sniff judgmentally?
It’s an easy choice.
The quiet power of looking at a thing sideways
Clarity, love energy and renewal