An unexpected answer from the latest Q&A

Each newsletter I send out ends with a question. Sometimes the question is lighthearted — sometimes personal in nature — sometimes meant to spur thought into your creative process — sometimes intended to suss out what is meaningful to you…

This question months ago generated by far the most responses:

Which superhero or animated character would you choose as your Spirit Guide?

Go figure.

But what fun it was chatting back and forth in a flurry of emails with readers about their choices.

Though the answers are meant for personal consideration, I do suggest that anyone who wishes to share their answer with me simply reply to the newsletter.

I’m grateful for all of you who’ve done so!

You are such a thoughtful, diverse and quirky bunch — your responses over time have tickled me to laughter, provoked me to deeper thought on an issue, and in general made me proud to be a small part of your lives.

Last night author Cynthia MacGregor touched me with her unexpected answer to the most recent question. (She’s written more than a 100 books — ! — you can check her out here.)

Here’s the question from the latest eletter, followed by Cynthia’s answer:

Who do you really enjoy hanging out with — and why?

While I could name a number of people I enjoy the company of, I really enjoy hanging out with myself, getting into my own head, creating, planning, creatively daydreaming, and working away at this blessed computer.

I spend more of my time in solitude than not, usually working. Most of the time, my significant other is in the next room, but he is doing his own thing and leaving me to my own devices.

I enjoy my own company, maybe because I have reached the stage in which I have become a person I truly like and admire. It took time, much time, but with thanks to our omnipotent Creator and Source I have gotten there.

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