” . . . and work backwards from there”

In conversation with a friend I expressed my exasperation with the obstacles my Dad was throwing in the way of getting the proper care he needed . . . he’d fallen and wouldn’t let us get an ambulance for him.

He’d managed to get into his recliner and refused help.

Mike threw out some ideas . . . before I could swat them all away, one of them lodged. One of them seemed feasible . . .

I thanked him for finding a way of helping my Dad even when he didn’t want it . . . even when my own sense of futility about the whole mess blocked me from a solution.

“Part of it is you have to assume there’s a way, then work backwards from there.”

~ Mike Cohen

When one door closes another door opens, but it can be Hell in the Hallway
You do some things just because (like this)