And you are IT!

When they die and merge with the Great Essence, esteemed renunciates might be confronted with this question: Why did you waste your pulsating existence sitting around seeking to release life’s hold on you?

The Essence comes through as readily and as gushingly to all who are alive in their moment. Regardless of activity — over coffee, driving, dressing, relating, working, cleaning, scribbling, knitting, sweet talking, spelunking, joying, anything as long as you are shamelessly relishing this creation field we’re in. 

The Essence is there in all of it — suffering through self-imposed pains is not necessary. Of course the Essence doesn’t care if you choose self-suffering . . . you get to choose after all.

The Essence is all over you like a puppy, loving you, slathering love-joy on you, for every wholeness you exhibit.

You . . . 

You individuated!

You created!

You came to Earth!

You came to the party!

You, magnificence incarnate. You, unbound spirit, you tunneled into an adventure of the soul.

You chose to live — here.

You live even now in the Essence of it all.

What is the Essence? 

A nothing so potent it big bangs every momentous moment of existence into existence.

(As we say in the kid’s game . . . ) 

And you are IT!

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