Answers come from doing: 5 brief examples

1. The answer to what direction I should take early in my life came from freelance proofreading. During downtime at a financial firm I hung out in the art department.

Yes, there was a cute girl on the dayshift. But I also was thrilled by the playfulness of what they did in that room. It was like advanced kindergarten. Drawing, cutting, pasting. Lots of laughter. Because I was always helping out they eventually hired me.

I rose into management from there.

2. Which gave me the confidence to go out on my own. So I quit New York City and hit the road for a year in an old van.

3. Which led to opening an art gallery …

4. Our third location hit the sweet spot for art-buying clients. Without diving in to those first two spaces — and learning from them — we couldn’t have refined our approach. That was, oh, only nine years into the art biz.

5. I was on my fourth trip exchanging artwork with artists myself to save money on shipping during the crash … before it dawned on me I could save our business by becoming an art transporter.

Most answers come from doing, not thinking.

~ Jen Sincero

A useful reminder: Whenever you’re stuck, do something.


If you don’t feel a calling, take a step in the vaguest direction of interest.

Take a job, take a class, take a train . . .

But don’t take a pill. That never amplifies a situation.

Putting yourself in the flow has a way of drawing forth options. More revelations come from action than inaction.

(Another useful reminder: Follow the fun . . . it rarely steers you wrong.)

(Of course it’s gotta be what’s fun for you … not others.)



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