Answers from the lips of many

Today I’m passing along a process DavidPaul Doyle once used to receive inspired answers to heart-felt questions.

Each morning he would form a pressing question. He would frame the question of the day in the morning, before getting out of bed. Though it took a week for the first answer to appear, he discovered that answers came to him symbolically — it might be a leaf swaying from side to side as it fell.

(In this case the leaf answered the question am I on the right path? He understood instantly that it didn’t matter, all paths took him there, like the leaf to ground.)

He would know the answer by the rush, the sensation he felt. The understanding . . . .

As he progressed in his question asking the process took an interesting turn — what I’m sharing here today. The answer to that day’s question started coming from the lips of others. Could be anyone, a service worker, someone on TV, a friend, something overheard.

He’d ask the question . . . and somewhere throughout the day the answer would come. Though the context might be different than the one in which he’d phrased the question, the answer would be unmistakable, straight from the mouth of another, no interpretation needed.

I’m writing this to remind myself to ask questions! To state them clearly. And then to be attentive: for the answer will always come.

This post was inspired by DavidPaul Doyle’s book When God Spoke To Me: The inspiring stories of ordinary people who have received divine guidance and wisdom. Yep, it’s a long book title, you have to plan ahead for oxygen intake if you’re going to read it out loud. My advice — take a deep breath after the title, then plunge onward into the subtitle, there’s no stopping now. His own story is on page 145.

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