Are you too attached to your hardship?

When I find myself getting far too into the story of our collapse and recovery, I caution myself not to become too beholden to the idea. That was but a season.

We’re in a winning season now, and what came before it — yes, it was formative — but it’s not so significant that I must belabor the woes.

Belabor the woahs, I say to me self. Heh.

Woah, look at how well things are flowing.

Woah, sales keep increasing at juicy clips.

Woah, exceptional artists are seeking out our gallery for representation in ever increasing numbers.

Woah, more people seem to be contacting me out of the blue about a blog post that made their moment.

Woah, my relationships get richer and richer, so rich that if they were calories I’d have to back off.

Woah, woah and woe. See how that creeps back in there if you’re not being attentive?
This meme of becoming identified with the downside has cropped up in three conversations in the past two weeks — each time with a different individual.
In each conversation someone has voiced a concern that someone we mutually know has become glued to only one telling of their experience. And that version is the crappy, limited one.

It’s slow suicide by overidentification with one side of life.

If this resonates with you — if you feel you’ve become stuck on one track like a downbound train — jump tracks! Jump tracks before you can’t even see the other track.

You know people who’ve become stuck in one story line. Don’t be that person.

(Unless it’s a story line worthy of a Disney ending.)

There are so many ways available to you to switch tracks. And almost all of them are free. Almost all of the ways involve throwing open your heart to those you encounter. Almost all of the ways involve deep appreciative awe for that which is good in your life.

In may take some practice to feel those good aspects. But it took you a fair amount of practice to consistently feel the negative, and hence feed that into your experience.

Change your practice.

Take a breath at every juncture you find yourself hurtling down the wrong track. Take three or ten breaths. You have the time. You really do.

You have the time to spiritualize your consciousness.

You have the time to bathe your mind. A cleansed mind brings about a vibrant life. It’s by degrees. But I promise you, it will show up in your experience.

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