Are you too open?

You know how a setting on the radio dial will overlay with two signals from different stations? We humans are like that, especially if you’re compassionate. Or open. I don’t know why I say humans, as if I’m speaking of others . . . this human is like that, I don’t affix to one signal. Therefore I am besieged by multiple signals. It’s no way to be tuned in.

The purest among us tune in to one signal so completely that they radiate that same signal back to us too, regardless of circumstances. They are that attuned.

Gandhi: Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Ali: I am the greatest.

I can think of two ways to hone in on a signal. The first is to eliminate other signals, those that might compete. The second is to amplify the strength of the signal so greatly that everything else is overwhelmed by its broadcast.

Signal overlay is fine if you’re not seeking to accomplish anything . . .


If on my grave it says "Here lies a lousy artist" . . .
Hey, a life of service looks a lot like what you are doing