Ask the sky: When you don’t know where to turn

It took five decades and the crash years for me to learn to ask

Many get hung up on whom they’re addressing when they want to ask a greater power for help. Especially those who are troubled by religion, or have a phobia to any phrase with God in it. As I did for years. 

You don’t have a clear sense of ultimate reality, you just know there’s more.

So, you’re in need . . . but you’re hung up on who/what to ask.
I say it doesn’t matter. Ask the sky . . . the sky touches everything. Answers will come.

Here’s what happened the first time I looked up to the sky and pleaded for an answer. It was profound. So much so it changed my life forever. This site tendriled out of that moment. My openness to spiritual interpretation of experience burst out of that moment.

When I looked to the sky and demanded that the fear be taken from me, I wasn’t looking up to a deity. I’d been religionless too long. It was an instinctive human thing — to gaze heavenward in a moment of urgency and demand a response.

That an answer came at all shocked the hell out of me. Or maybe more aptly put, it knocked the transcendent into me. Since then I’ve found answers come in all kinds of time frames. That one came instantly. Within five steps. Others have taken hours or days.

Sometimes I don’t realize I’ve been answered at all until I look back some months later and see, yes, the response seeped into my experience so subtly I’d missed it. Though I’d lived it I’d missed the response to my question. 

This happens especially often when you put it out there. (Like here: The power of putting it out there) Because you put it out there and then let it go . . . it’s easy to forget your request.

Now I ask OmJah — my pet name for the super-intelligent superforce underlying all reality. But it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Ra or the sky or the zero-point field or a butterfly (effect . . . ;). 

They are all stand ins for whatever it is that answers us through the life we’re experiencing.

Let me give you the smallest example, from yesterday. (More examples of asking/answering are strewn throughout

We’re buying a second van. We own an art gallery — this van has to serve 3 purposes: 

  1. hauling artwork
  2. hauling kids
  3. and as a family adventure vehicle. You know, to run off on little trips for the family fun of it. 

So it’s got to be big — and versatile.

We’d settled on the make, a Ford Transit. One of those new breed of van cats you can walk around inside. Upright.

We’ve settled on the engine/fuel type. We’ve settled on the size. (Super sized.)

But we couldn’t decide on modified passenger or modified cargo. And it’s go time on the decision making. Last night I gave it up to the sky. In a meditation I put it out there that a clear direction would appear. I literally asked to be shown the best way to go for us.

And then let it go. I’d forgotten about it by the time I awoke.

. . . . . . .

This morning I’m walking up to the gallery and I see this stunning passenger van parked in front of our gallery — a Ford Transit 250, the model we’re looking at. After snapping shots of it to send to my lover woman wife I hastily wrote a note to the owner.

She popped in a few hours later, excited to answer questions I had. And — sent me in a new better direction I didn’t even know existed. Essentially a passenger van exterior with a cargo interior that could easily be modified for extra passengers. As this woman’s husband had already done in her van! Something we didn’t know existed, even after all of our research.

. . . . . . .

You don’t need to know the workings of the universe to access its power. You don’t need to know the workings of your plumbing to flush away your, er, discards.

Just ask. Look up. Ask the sky. Answers will come.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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