Asking, why am I doing this?

Sometimes the right question can illuminate a drudgery.

Here’s what helps me find the meaning instead of the slog when I get bogged down.  I pause  when I remember!  for a momentito of meaning:

I ask myself, Why am I doing this? 

Yes sometimes it comes off as, Why the hell am I doing this? — but it’s because I’m no longer conscious.

Whatever I’m doing is always for some larger purpose; the question sparks an act of remembrance.

If the larger purpose doesn’t come to mind  I stop. 

I clarify it to myself or quit what I’m doing. By connecting to that higher purpose I find propulsion. It’s . . .  

. . . income for my family

. . . my very own self-stated mission

. . . a commitment I’ve made (and then I remind myself why) 

. . . the stepping stone to something I desire  

. . . who I wish to be even if I’m not feeling it this magical minute (and then I remind myself why I wish to grow myself in that way) 

Simply connecting to the reason you’re ultimately doing a thing opens an energy spigot.  

That happened to me the other day when I was cleaning up, mostly other people’s messes. 

I got all snarly about it.

So I took that minute to remind myself oh yeah, love family, want family happy, want me happy with family, me happy with family when things are picked up, no matter who picks what up, ah feeling better, me happy now . . . me be happier when I teach family to put things away better . . . no matter, hakuna matata.

Cleaning went better from there.

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