Aspen and Hell

From a gallery sign in Santa Fe. See? There’s nothing that can’t be combined . . . .

In Jewish mystical thought Hell is distance from God; Heaven is closeness to God.

Tomorrow I’ll be at my furthest point West on this trip — since my family is in Southeast Florida I’ll be at my darkest Hell Point also. Each subsequent day will bring me back closer to my friends and family and life there.

Who would have thought Aspen, Colorado could be thought of as Hell? (Metaphorically, Aspenites, metaphorically.) Only me, on this trip.

I get what the Jewish mystics are saying!

On this plane relationships are my highest value. The farther I am from what I value, the more hell crops up in my experience. Even when driving through the ancient ruggedness of New Mexico and the steep verticality of the Colorado mountains.

Fortunately I am only ever one deep meditation away from Love. I am going to that space now . . . .

Meeting Michael Kessler (from the road, Santa Fe)
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