I’m a fan of creativity in all its guises:
The way my son earnestly tries to wrangle out of responsibilities

Body paint

Beach wear

Bumper stickers


How people wind down a phone conversation

Watching the tricky ways my mind avoids a hard subject

Interpretations of a mass event
Which brings us to bathroom art. I’m intrigued with what proprietors place in bathrooms. To the point I’ve been sharing pics on G+ of various bathrooms with the hashtag #FloridaBathroomArt.
The above image is from a bathroom in Charlotte, North Carolina. At a soul food restaurant.
Get it?
They played with the concept of Old Soles . . . 
Playful. Brilliant. Creative.
You know what bathroom art signifies? 
That people care!
Enough to populate a room dedicated to bodily waste with images that will catch your eye. And presumably enhance your experience.
Look around. That kind of creative thoughtfulness abounds more than you think.
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Evan Griffith

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