Beam this: Best practice for eliminating fear

During a time when I thought we might go bankrupt, I ended up on my knees, arms flung back, head cocked up toward the heavens, beaming love and affection from my heart center.

Somehow I stumbled on the perfect solution to anxiety, to fear. It’s so simple.

You just take that snarly feeling inside and transmute it for others.

You use those feelings of despair as a catapult. Fear and despair are intense emotions — ones you can transform powerfully.

You simply feel them as real and as alive as you can — then ask your greater power to convert that intense energy into its opposite — for others!

You will feel some kind of volcanic force coursing through you.

I would blast it into the night sky toward space, imagining it bouncing like radio waves off the ionosphere, shooting to anyone everyone who might need it.

That’s how you do it. You blast love and transcendence to those in need.

Beam love, health and thriving to whomever needs it. 

Be indiscriminate in intent — it’s for anyone in the world who could use a dose of soothing energy.

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