Biophony: When you need a little nature music (and why you need it)

Biophony: the soundscape created by nonhuman creatures. 

Coined by Bernie Krause. Some of the things he’s discovered over decades of recording the natural world in the farthest flung spaces:

  • animals find their own niches in the sound spectrum, for mating and communication
  • mammals tend to be on the lower register, then birds, insects, all the way up to bats whom we often can’t hear
  • human music may have arisen in concert* with the biophony, as researchers have discovered modern stone age tribes often create music in tandem with the natural orchestration going on around them
  • these same tribes can navigate by biophony in darkness within rainforests, attuned acutely to how the natural sound cover morphs according to their position in the landscape

* wordplay intended 😉

Read this for (much) more. 

Experience this . . . by listening to the NPR audio.

Can you ever hear natural sound the same way again? Why would you want to?

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