(blank) is my religion

Moments ago I was listening to Ziggy Marley’s acoustic rendition of Love Is My Religion.

Which set me to thinking . . .

. . . about why I like the Dalai Lama’s assertion that “Kindness is my religion.”

This thought line relates to, among other things, the Inquisition, when an officially-declared form of love was torture  to induce non-believers to belief  to save their souls  hence extreme torture even unto death could be construed as a high form of love. Seems preposterous now, doesn’t it, yet that was the ethos of the era.

In this era there are pockets of the globe where fanatics feel similarly in the name of their religion.

Love’s meaning can be easy to manipulate  not so the meaning of kindness.

If we see a man beat his dog some can always debate whether or not he loves his dog. There’s no debate about if he was being kind.

Generosity, sweetness, respect, helpfulness, compassion, tenderness  kindness has all sorts of juicy and divine attributes sewn up inside of it. I might have to make kindness my religion too.

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