Bond genius does yoga inversions in the middle of the workday

A few years back I read an issue of Fortune Magazine that was especially revelatory. Fortune has a regular feature called How I Work. In it they take you through a synopsis of someone’s day, someone successful, generally in their own words, so you can see just how it is that this particular person worked his day effectively.

The overall focus of this particular issue was the How I Work theme, so a good number of individuals were featured. You learned everything from when she awoke to how she started her day to habits around and beyond work.

At one point — reading these how-I-tackle-the-day stories — I was startled to realize there were two divergent sets of successful workers.

The first was on the heart-attack track. You could see it in their photos. Overweight, reactive, pasty, work was everything, nothing else seemed to fit in well.

The second set of achievers were quite different. These people controlled certain aspects of their day to the exclusion of work so they could be in optimal condition for their life and their work!

It truly was revelatory. These optimal-life people fit in healthy eating, workouts, time to plan . . . all manner of brain and body and spirit enhancing strategies.

The most exciting of them all was Bill Gross, the Warren Buffett of bond investments. His results in bond markets over decades are legendary.

On a typical day he arose early — at least a couple of hours before daybreak. In the late morning he would take a break and go to a nearby gym for a lengthy workout that included yoga, finishing with inversions (various upside-down postures).

He noted he would often receive the best ideas when in a yoga pose . . . especially an inversion.

Here’s a bit worth reading about this fascinating man:

The Eccentric Lifestyle Of PIMCO Co-Founder And Bond King Bill Gross  

PIMCO co-founder Bill Gross is known by many to be the man that made bonds sexy. 

Most recently, he’s often sought out for advice from government officials after correctly calling the mortgage crisis and the dot com bubble.

But Gross is also known for his character and eccentric lifestyle, which some have attributed to his successes in money managing. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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